Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ett Lysande Namn

If you can read Swedish (Mike, Erik...):

This is a great journal. My poems are in the third issue, but they are eclipsed by Sara Tuss Efrik's psycho-psychoanalytic (the way Bataille is a psychoanalyst...) interpretation of my poetry as being about shame and masturbation. It's really more of a prose poem. I'll translate a piece of it when I get some free time. Lara &co can add that to the case study of male hysteria.

Much like the US, there are a lot of small presses and journals popping up in Sweden and it's having a fantastic effect. Swedish literature has - if possible - been even more centralized/hierarchized than American poetry. (But with a quite different aesthetic.)

Much of this new literature is brilliantly grotesque, seemingly influenced by Bataille and Burroughs (who's always been considered a great writer in Sweden, much more so than here).


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Great magazine ! - thanks for naming it.

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