Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soft Targets Reading in LA

Dear Friends + Enemies,

This notification is to announce the west coast release event for SOFT TARGETS v.2.1., a handheld journal of poetry, artwork, theory, and fiction, as well as v.2.2, a 5" record.

Please join us for readings by:
Rachel Kushner
Dan Hoy
Ariana Reines
and Dennis Cooper

cold drinks, and a dj set by Square Peg/Round Hole to follow

Cherry + Martin Gallery, L.A.
12611 Venice Boulevard
Friday, June 29th
7:30 pm, FREE

SOFT TARGETS v.2.1 features contributions from Alain Badiou, John Waters, Yto Barrada, Jean-Jacques Schuhl, James Tate, Alexander Kluge, Christian Marclay, Paris-based political collective TIQQUN, Chris Marker, Ben Lerner, Arno Schmidt, Roberto BolaƱo, Lisa Jarnot, and RAQS Media Collective, among others. 256pp, w/ color illustrations throughout; dusty pink cover.

v.2.1 + v.2.2 available at

SOFT TARGETS v.2.2 is a 5" record containing music by the NYC avant-metal band Orthrelm. Side A: "03-7" [0:48]; Side B: "03-8" [0:57]; 33 revolutions per minute.

the Front Office


Rachel Kushner is an editor of SOFT TARGETS. Her art writing appears frequently in Artforum. Her first novel, recently excerpted in Fence and Bomb, will be published by Scribner in June, 2008.

Dan Hoy lives in Brooklyn and is an editor of SOFT TARGETS. His essays and poems have appeared in Jubilat, Octopus, Effing Magazine, Cannibal, and elsewhere. He is the author of the poetry chapbook Outtakes (Lame House Press, 2007).

Ariana Reines was born in Salem, Massachusetts. She is the author of The Cow (Alberta Prize, Fence Books 2006) and the forthcoming Thank You, new life, and The Hand of Thomas. She writes on art for tema celeste and has contributed exhibition essays on Jonas Mekas, Marc Chagall, Ken Jacobs, and Taka Imura for Maya Stendhal Gallery. Ariana graduated from Barnard College in 2003, winning fourteen prizes and scholarships for literature and translation. She has collaborated on sound/vj projects with Ilan Katin for Belgium's MappingFestival and at Brooklyn's Monkeytown. Poems and stories can be found in Skanky Possum, The Open Face Sandwich, WebConjunctions, and Action Yes.

Dennis Cooper's most recent novels are God Jr. (Grove Press) and The Sluts (Carroll & Graf). The Weaklings, a new book of his poetry, will be published by Void Books in December. Since 2004, he has collaborated on a series of theater works with the French director Gisele Vienne and the musicians/composers Peter Rehberg/Pita and Stephen O'Malley/Sunn0))). The newest, Kindertotenlieder, is currently touring Europe and the UK. He's the editor of the book imprint Little House on the Bowery/Akashic Books and a Contributing Editor of Artforum. His central project at the moment is a blog: He currently lives in Paris and Los Angeles.


Founded in 2005 and curated by several Offices including the Front Office and the Office of Special Plans, SOFT TARGETS is the tightest of rings; a narrowing, and not widening, gyre; neither a stately pleasure dome, nor the expansive hunger of a corporation. SOFT TARGETS is a colony.


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