Saturday, September 15, 2007

Calamari Press

New book from Calamari Press. This looks very interesting.

Calamari Press is pleased to announce the publication of Vaast Bin by Michael Peters.

Like the vast stellar bin or the blackbody that Michael Peters alludes to in this cosmic fertility myth, the primal “poems” and images that comprise Vaast Bin; n Ephemerisi absorb all impinging radiation (the raw data that Peters' inks into it) and re-radiate an energy that is uniquely characteristic of the glowing body (the book object, and Peters himself). Bristling and oozing with storm petrels, glowvents, mutend probes, hoary tropes and other wild-type organisms, the spectral pattern of words and images is not only unique and characteristic of Michael Peters, but it’s mathematically precise. It’s his genetic kernel reduced to coded language and diagrammatic rhizomes, urgently re-propagated—without restraint—for our detectors (senses) to absorb, ponder and assimilate into our own beings. Vaast Bin is a visceral lexicon that is both mechanical and organic, that grates and augers down to the raw, bubbling cistern of creation.

Original art from the book is also available for purchase. To check out excerpts, art and a book trailer go here:


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