Saturday, October 27, 2007


Dear Crawlspacelings,

About two years ago, in a wine shop at an undisclosed location in Seattle, a
poem known as Crawlspace first manifested itself--in its larval stage--as part
of an evening of collaborative work in the monthly Leg To Stand On reading

Its authors, presumed miscreants both, subsequently retreated to their hidden
volcano barn on a nameless atoll somewhere in the Pacific, and there with
arcane art further distilled the ectoplasmic emanations of that unspeakable

And now, just when you thought it was safe to attend orderly readings again,
Crawlspace is back to kick out the jams in book form! This limited edition
package includes 3-D glasses (a must for digging the cover art) and that most
trusty of sidekicks, the Crawlspace Audio Companion CD. This new breed packs a
relentless wallop--and seriously.

Please mark your calendars and save the date for:

Crawlspace Book Launch Reading & CD Release Party
Sunday, December 2, 2007 -- 7:30 pm
Rendezvous JewelBox Theater
2322 2nd Ave. -- Seattle, WA

(Check the nifty promotional file attachment for lots more thrills)

There'll be no apron strings or Ouija boards between you and the action.

Sea urchins by the jar!
Got 'em.
Walt Whitman found in spider hole!

Heidegger's hand skewers tiger!
Douglas Fairbanks pop quiz!

And yes, the Hollerin' Champ finally revealed!

It's all comin' down, people.

More information for the event and book project at:

Check it!


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