Monday, February 04, 2008

New Action Books books

**Two New Poetry Titles from Action Books**

Smith, Abraham
$14.00 / PA / 80pp.
ISBN: 978-0-9765692-8-2
Action Books 2007
Poetry. "If Frank Stanford got up from the dead to slam (and slammed
to win), what he would say might well resemble the poems in WHIM MAN
MAMMON. That said, Abe Smith's got his own lizard thing going on
here: No resurrection required. This is deft work--and hefty work (as
in big and as in bag)--that squeezes gallon after gallon of the 21st
century's natural and cultural detritus into one marvelous sack of
song. To my mind, it's the most useful writing from a Wisconsinite
since Joe Garden's window signs at Badger Liquor. There is no higher
compliment"--Graham Foust.

Hendricks, Brent
$14.00 / PA / 80pp.
ISBN: 978-0-9765692-9-9
Action Books 2007
Poetry. At once a debut collection of poetry and a gripping literary
game, THAUMATROPE fascinates like a supermarket tabloid and like a
dazzling gem. These fifty-two poems are laid out as a shuffled deck
of cards, with each suit and number tracing a different mood, tone,
lyric problem and narrative or characterological thread. Thumbing
through the random order, the reader must build her own conceptual
house of cards, plotting connections and alliances between the
Jokers, junkies and other mundane and mystical protagonists who haunt
the royal parks and seedy bars, lofty towers and run-down clinics of
this dense and various book. With illustrations by collageuse Lisa


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