Monday, February 18, 2008


"Third Way" seems largely an attempt to control, to reduce to style, to name, a very interesting moment in American poetry, when new media and critiques of institutions of publishing have indeed created something much less controllable/nameable.

One interesting thing I noticed about the AWP was how boring all the panels and official programs were, but when walking around the bookfair I saw all these little presses sewing up chapbooks at their tables, people talking to each other, coming up with strange new projects. That part of the AWP was very exciting. I learned a lot. Was very inspired by my discussions with various people.

Of course, in a way langpo can be seen as instigators of this move to change publishing practices, and in that way I will perhaps have to reverse my previous pronouncement that langpo failed.

But mostly I think this comes out of frustration with the restrictions of the establishment + new media making it possible to have presses and to make contacts with foreign poets in cyberspace, with blogs and internet journals.


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