Sunday, February 10, 2008

Update from Stockholm Surrrealists

[Received an interesting document from Mattias Forshage about the current stand of the Surrealist Group of Stockholm. It includes the following note about Aase Berg, who quit the group some 10 years ago.]

Missing persons dept:

Simply for your knowledge, without wanting to make a big issue out of it, we take this opportunity to state the nature of the detachment of a few individuals that several of you know and have been in contact with as group representatives or for personal reasons or otherwise. Bruno Jacobs maintains, as several of you know, his quest for true poetic disturbances and keeps in contact with surrealist comrades without being part of the swedish group. Aase Berg and Carl-Michael Edenborg, the two people that got absorbed into publicity during the Stora Saltet phase and neither wanted to nor could partake in collective surrealist activity afterwards, today appear as each others diametrical opposites in relation to surrealism: AB as an antisurrealist for surrealism and CME as a prosurrealist against surrealism. AB, who always proudly and self-allegedly has been a person of contradictions and theoretical ignorance, has publicly taken stands against her surrealist past because she is now interested in reality. While working as the editor of sweden’s leading official literary magazine BLM she remains one of the very finest surrealist poets in this language and publishes her poems regularly with wide acclamation among the literary critics.


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