Monday, May 05, 2008

Johannes Göranson

There's another poet with my name (minus an s) who wrote a bunch of Surrealist-concretist book in the early 1970s. Brilliant stuff.

Gunnar Harding, one of the most famous Swedish living poets wrote me an email beginning, "Johannes what the hell are you doing in Alabama" (It was when I was living there), thinking I was his friend from teh 1970s. Very Bolano.

According to this list
, he must have gone into advertising. The later book is called "To Sell One's Soul - Corporate Advertising." Interestingly I once considered going into advertising, but I just couldn't stomach it.

I have a copy of his first book, my gramma bought it for me when I was born. I've been carrying it around with me my whole life without reading it, until one day about two years ago, when I read it and was duly blown away.


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