Friday, May 16, 2008

The Widow Party - one more thought

One of the reasons I really liked putting together The Widow Party was the way life and art leaked together. And still leaks together. Sometimes when Joyelle and I are driving around or watching TV or listening to the radio something will jerk us back into The Widow Party: We'll look at each other and go "We're in the Widow Party."

For me one of the most memorable moment of the plays is the glossy blue shoes Phil Jenks wore - and he was in the audience! In my memory I don't differentiate between what was in the play and what was outside of it.

It's a little like when I watched all of the Twin Peaks episodes over about 2 weeks back in the late 90s (on video). Looking back at the show I can't determine what was my dreams and what was the show. And like I have said before, it seems this questions is wrong. My dreams are part of the show.

On another note, I will watch Speedracer, but it has to involve somebody baby-sitting the demon-child.


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