Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Falconcity Manifesto of Architecture and Urban Planning

1. Dubai Eiffel Tower would hold the central location of the falcon commercial sector which hosts commercial, residential, recreational and retail elements. The tower surrounding represents Falcon Elysees. The Dubai Eiffel Tower would be the perfect compliment to a distinguishing life style. The Falcon Elysees will be rich in landscapes with parks, cafes, gardens and fountains. Around the perimeter of the tower complex would run a circular shopping arcade enriched by famous brands of fashions and styles.

2. The pyramid of the Falconcity emulates the Egyptian architectural wonder in a modern day context. The Grand Pyramid will be a multi functional complex housing residences, offices and other recreational avenues. It is the biggest pyramid in the world.Of the two smaller pyramids, one will host exclusively Falconcity management facility, while the other is a commercial premise in the theme park. With ultra modern facilities of luxury and convenience, the pyramids will attract all enthusiasts of fine living, shopping and fun.

3. The most romantic place in the Falconcity would be Town of Venice situated by the waterfront. Developed with wonderful waterfront, open-air cafes, gondolas and pedestrian shopping, Town of Venice brings to you a unique Italian dreamy experience.

4. Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Falconcity brings to life a lost ancient wonder. This imaginatively designed complex will house eco-friendly luxury flats, with many open-air restaurants and coffee shops, with the garden overlooking the falconcity Mall.


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