Friday, August 08, 2008

P.Inman and Tina Darragh links

Mark Wallace on P. Inman:

Doug Lang on Tina Darragh:

As soon as I get some time I'd like to respond to these, and also to Ben Friedlander's links below. And also to numerous people who have written in with questions about the grotesque and the avant-garde.


Blogger K. Lorraine Graham said...

I've been reading through Tina Darragh's Opposable Dumbs: A project report this summer and am really blown away. In 1999 she started working on a project that eventually became opposable dumbs, a multigenre piece that combines reportage, theater, letters of protest, visual pieces, and notes that examine and think about pain, animal subjectivity, economics, labor unions, feminism…Even after years of hearing her perform different parts of this piece and now reading the 2007 “project report” I have trouble summarizing it. Her work has so many possible sources that connect and expand into other possible sources. It’s investigative and process-oriented, but the process and investigation are always shifting.

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