Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Redistribution of Wealth"

Can someone please explain to these morons that the biggest "redistribution of wealth" is the Bush tax-cut for millionaires.

And now the right has created this meme that Obama = "handouts." Give me a break. If that works (along with the "socialism" and "terrorism" memes), then this country isn't a democracy. You can't have one candidate just making stuff up about the other candidate.

I don't know how I will be able to stomach being "led" by such an immoral couple of politicians as McCain/Palin. I have been thoroughly repulsed by McCain's behavior from the start (for example his unwillingness to actually debate Romney on issues in the Republican debates, not to mention his racist ads about Obama and Britney Spears). Ugh.


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Blogger Max said...

There was actually a pretty great article on Salon which did the Obama and McCain taxes on a business making $280,000/year (i.e. the high-end income Joe the Plumber would have made from his speculative plumbing business which he doesn't even own...yet), and they basically found that Joe the Plumber would only owe $250 more in taxes under Obama.

Apparently, $250 is the difference between being a commie pinko redistributionist and a small government conservative.

I've been saying it for weeks now, but if Obama is a socialist, McCain is as well, because I don't see McCain coming out against the progressive tax system. I mean, Clinton had the same line about cutting taxes on the middle class and raising them on the rich. It was pretty much the same exact policy as Obama's. Yet for whatever reason Obama is a radical socialist, while Clinton is just your average liberal democrat. I think there is an overwhelming racism to how Obama has been radicalized by the right. One can see it merely by comparing his stances to those of white democrats currently holding office. The conservatives are obviously trying to call on the radical 60s and paint Obama as a Black Panther stereotype, but honestly, I think that these references are so far removed that they don't resonate as much as they would have 20 years ago. That's why Obama keeps moving up and McCain keeps tanking. His attacks are so old fashioned and tired out.

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Blogger Johannes said...

Yeah, but he's not tanking. He's actually gaining in some places - NC, PA etc.

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Blogger Max said...

Sure, but he's been running this "socialist" thing for a month, and he's had net losses over that period of time. Obama is still far ahead in PA, according to polls, and even if McCain wins it, it still only gives him an outside shot at victory. He actually needs it in order not to automatically be wiped out.

I think that the reason why these attacks are generally ineffective is because we have younger and younger voters signing up who have really no idea at all of how they are supposed to perceive Obama being turned into a 60s radical, Black Panther type. If Obama were McCain's age, I think the accusation would stand a better chance of sticking, but he's really too young to have been a 60s radical in the first place, and the people who are going to decide this election are too young for the 60s radical argument to resonate. I mean, there are people born in 1990 voting in this election. They honestly haven't the slightest clue, on a broad cultural level, of what McCain's attacks, and the image he tries to present of Obama, even mean. The attack is too vague, doesn't create a clear enough image, to resonate with anybody other than those who are already predisposed to agreeing with McCain.

I think that even 8 years ago, it might have been a different story, or perhaps if Obama were 10 years older. But I think that people look at Obama, and they have a hard time connecting him with that historical moment. Kerry spoke out very publicly against Vietnam, and Gore was certainly a boomer in the same way that Clinton was a boomer. But Obama doesn't really fit the mold, and so the argument doesn't pin him down very well.

I think people should breathe easily. Do what you can to support Obama, but don't give yourself a heart attack imagining a McCain victory. He has an enormous up-hill battle ahead of him, and would pretty much have to carry a lot of tough battleground states where he's currently behind in order to win.

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