Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ron's interview with me about Aase Berg

Ecstasy of Dismemberment:

yes, just in time for X-Mas !!

On my blog now is an email interview i conducted with Johannes Göransson re his translation of Aase Berg's "With Deer."

Aase Berg is, for me, one of the most exciting poets alive today.....
Johannes's transaltion of "With Deer" (Berg's first book) releases this Spring from Black Ocean

In this interview Johannes touches on (and more so)
Surrealism ("fat" and other kinds)
Swedish "fairy-tale-scapes"
"visual fascination"
Ecstasy of Dismemberment
Sylvia Plath and the bee box
Refined Sensibilities
and much more

to read it all go to

"With Deer" is violent, persistent--and it is beautiful.

Here's a relatively mild sentence from one of its early poems ("In the Guinea Pig Cave") which originally appeared on Conduit:

There lay the guinea pigs and they ached all over and their legs stuck straight up like beetles and they looked depraved and were blue under their eyes as from months of debauchery.

Here are Bios that Johannes supplied me.

Johannes Goransson is the author of three books - Dear Ra, Pilot and A New Quarantine Will Take My Place - and the translator of five books - "With Deer" by Aase Berg (forthcoming shortly), "Collobert Orbital" by Johan Jonsson(coming soon), "Gingerbread Monuments" by Victor Johansson (poems) and Klara Kallstrom (photographs), "Remainland: Selected Poems of Aase Berg", "Ideals Clearance" by Henry Parland. He is also the co-editor of Action Books ( and the online journal Action, Yes

Swedish poet Aase Berg's first book, With Deer, was published in 1996. Since then she has published Dark Matter, Transfer Fat, Uppland and Loss. She is considered one of the most influential and unique poets in Sweden, and her poetry has been translated into English and various European languages. She also works as a translator and has translated several young adult books into Swedish.

happy holidays!

and check out Aase Berg. She's worth it.



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