Friday, January 23, 2009

American poetry in Swedish paper (translated)

So I came on this article about Cathy Park Hong, Jane Reyes and Shanxing Wang in SvD (which is pretty much akin to USA Today in Sweden) by Jesper Olsson.

Here's a translation of one paragraph:

"In Cathy Park Hong's celebrated "Dance Dance Revolution" (WW Norton), Hong creates a strange fiction about a historian and a guide who in a fantastic and loaded idiom ("Desert Creole")guides the reader through a world marked by political violence and social schisms. In Shanxing Wang's brilliant "Mad Science in Imperial City" (Futurepoem Books)advanced mathematics is connected to experiences at Tianamen Square in 1989 and a life of multifaceted exile. In Barbra Jane Reyes' award-winning "Poeta en San Francisco" (Tinfish Press) the poetry is activated through a mixture of English, Spanish, Phillipino and imagined languages, and an experience filtered through the wars of the past few decades."

There's a little more but you'll have to imagine it.


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