Saturday, January 03, 2009

Maximum Gaga

Lara Glenum's new book Maximum Gaga is now available for pre-sale on our website: Not only that but we're selling it for a cheaper than listed price ($12 instead of $16) and we're selling it with Sandy's book for a superdeal of 20 bucks.

Here's the description we wrote up for SPD:

Get minky in the momodrome with Lara Glenum's second book, MAXIMUMGAGA. In scenic Catatonia, the Normopath snoozles, the Cherubimapplaud, King Minus lies face-down, the Visual Mercenaries burst in,Icky and his school-boy minions race past, and the Queen Naked MoleRat climbs inside the miraculating machine. Reworking the tabloidmaximalism of Jacobean drama, this book investigates the politics of aesthetics and prosthetics, gender and power. With original cover art by Swedish artist Mia Makila.

Here are some statements made about Lara's first book, The Hounds of No:

“Lara Glenum's The Hounds of No also finds in obscenity a site of possible liberation, or at least a site where capital implodes... Like Sylvia Plath, Glenum is not afraid of using a theatrical persona, and that quality serves these poems well... The voice she creates is reminiscent of the witch's otherworldly voice in Kurosawa's Rashomon, being an odd mixture of formality and ghastliness.” from James Pate’s essay “The Deleuzian Grotesque”

“Like many readers, I rely on poetry to improve or at least nourish my capacity to feel and to think, to think feelingly, with all sensual and intellectual apparatus available. Thus, it devolves to poets, among others, to restore a meaning to terror, to allow us to think it or at least think how we fail to think it. If you read Lara Glenum’s The Hounds of No — her gutsy, unsettling and deeply brilliant collection, published by Action Books — such an operation does certainly seem possible...” from Jasper Bernes’s review in Jacket.


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