Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sara Tuss Efrik

Emily, John and I are putting the final touches on the next issue of Action, Yes. It includes some of my translations of the automanias (that's the genre) of Swedish writer and performer Sara Tuss Efrik. She's part of a young generation of Swedish poetesses that are really wonderful (influenced by Aase Berg).

These are so awesome that I'm posting one here. Also, I think her works speaks to gurlesque, embarrassment, movie poetry (automanias are translations from films, though I don't know which one this is based on), clumsy language and any number of other issues I've brought up on this blog recently.

My Baby Bear Tumor

I was pregnant with a military hoard. It was not air. It was something that grew and pricked and puffed. Small small spearheads against the inside of my belly. It was gases from gunpowder. It was winding chains and small pricks. I opened up my belly; let out the Bear Tumor. It already had sores. Still it grew. I released the Bear Tumor in the Garden which was the first military force, in its very own Lilliput Land where the Animals rule. Where the Wolf parts its own legs and allows itself to be wounded, where the Puppies have small cunts with sores, where the screams are fragile and high and lovely. In Lilliput Land where the flowers are buried. There the motif is colored by the tormented Bear Tumor and the burial soil.

The Bear Tumor is my Lap Girl. I gave birth to my own maid. She is tortured from tear-wounds that give her pleasure. It is the pleasure of having been bred out. The air to be inhaled can be found beneath the soil, inside the warm belly. The red colors in the wind that blow through holes and auditory canals are dizzying and spiral-like.

In the Ladies’ dressing room the undressing is taking place. My Lap Girl is always the cleverest at taking off her clothes compared to the other Ladies. There is also a Bear Tumor in my Lap Girl. Above the Ladies’ desert the sun shines red and fervent. My Lap Girl inside the Bear Tumor is also a Lap Girl to the Ladies.


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