Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweden & Death

[If Archambeau's review of Nyberg/Gustafsson made you feel that Sweden was just a replica of the US, you may want to check out this event at the Stockholm public library:]

Tidskriften 00TAL och Stadsbiblioteket presenterar:


en dödscool poesiworkshop för barn och unga
27 oktober kl.13-15

Gillar du att skriva dikter? Då ska du komma när 00TALs Poesifabrik gästar Stadsbibliotekets temavecka Döden. Den ruggigt bra poeten Maria Yvell startar dagen i Sagorummet. Sedan blir det poesiworkshop där barn och ungdomar får hjälp att skriva och läsa sina egna dödscoola dikter. Vi avslutar på taket framför bibblan med en ceremoni då vi knyter fast våra dikter i heliumballonger som samtidigt släpps upp i himlen.

Kom och se när vi skickar dikterna till himlen i hundratals ballonger!
kl.15.00 på taket framför bibblan

Med kärlek & skräck
/ 00TAL

[Explanation: This is an event for children and youths called "Poetry Factory and Death". It's kind of a poetry workshop for youngsters, but apparently the theme is death and it ends with the youngsters sending up their "death-cool poems" in helium balloons. It must be a halloween thing, but still, it's pretty awesome and hilarious sounding. It ends with the sign off "With love and horror, 00Tal"].

[I think one way to consider the relationship between US culture and other culture is through the postcolonial lens of "mimicry" (I forget the theorist). Here we see the Halloween thing but it's been turned into something quite different, more gothic.]

[PS Swedes out there should go to this event and report back to this blog.]


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