Friday, October 02, 2009

Cannibal's Feast

[From Janaka. This sounds like a good time if you live in Boston.]

Good Friday Friends,

Tomorrow is the 9th Feast of Flesh and this is the last reminder you’ll receive from me. The zombies were up late last night stuffing goodie bags; the costume prizes are locked in the prize crypt; the brains are stewing in your heads. Tomorrow night will rain horrible magic down upon all who enter the Coolidge at midnight until everyone is consumed by laughter and screams!

We got write-ups this week in the Dig, the Boston Phoenix and today’s Metro! Could three papers be wrong? We’ve streamlined our production to open the doors to the theatre at 11:45 this time so show up early for a good place in line! Tickets on sale at the Coolidge box office and online at;

We’ll see you bloody wonders tomorrow!



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