Monday, November 23, 2009

de Sade in Sweden/Vertigo

The inimitable Swedish publisher Vertigo has just published Marquis de Sade's "Juliette." Here's a funny little review that talks about how the Swedish cultural ministry denied the press subsidies because they felt the book lacked artistic merit. Chalk one up to government arts funding.

Vertigo by the way is a really fantastic press. They've published Delaney's Hogg, Robert Coover, Apollinaire, HP Lovecraft, Nikanor Teratologen (soon to be published in English translation via Dalkey, his books are about... well, old people), Zizek, Louis Aragon's erotica and a lot of erotic/subversive classics, and of course the continuing saga of Klitty (lesbian detective). It's run by Carl Michael Edenborg who was a member of the Surrealist Group of Stockholm back in the day.


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