Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jerome Rothenberg on Hiromi Ito

"The appearance of this generous and beautifully rendered translation of Hiromi Ito's poetry is a significant and memorable event for American letters. For Ito is poet of truly international stature, whose work breaks down barriers of language and gender, bringing an unprecedented erotic energy and eruptions of transgressive and domestic excess into areas of deep myth and shamanistic performance. It is a poetry of her world and of our worlds as well, the gift of a supremely intelligent and relentlessly exuberant mind, situated somewhere between bliss and nightmare. That she has now chosen to live among us is a still further cause for celebration."
--Jerome Rothenberg

[Killing Kanoko can now also be purchased on Amazon, but I recommend buying it at SPD or, at a discounted price, at the Action Books site.]


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