Tuesday, January 19, 2010

International Necronaut Tom McCarthy on David Lynch

Angela Genus sent me this very insightful article about David Lynch:


This article has a bit in common with Joyelle's and my essay "The Manifesto of the Disabled Text," which makes some similar connections. We also wrote an article about The Shining for some German book that I think draws some connections between prosthese and Lynch and Kubrick (or maybe that was another essay I wrote about Lynch for a book about Lynch... I can't remember... I haven't slept for a while).

Nevertheless a really interesting book dealing with prosthetics is Prosthesis by David Wills.

McCarthy is part of a very interesting group called the International Necronaut Society, which among other things published an awesome little manifesto centering on Cocteau's Orphee taking notations from the radio (later known as Radio Spicer, and later still, My Teeth Are Hurting).


Blogger John Wilkinson said...

McCarthy is also author of a terrific novel, Remainder (and another stacked on my To Read pile).

7:38 AM  
Blogger Johannes said...

Yes, I've read that, it's good, but I like the manifesto and the total art pieces better. The Orphee manifesto is really amazing.


10:10 AM  

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