Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jordan Davis on Aase Berg

Jordan Davis has a fine review of With Deer over at Constant Critic.

The most interesting part is perhaps this:

"I’m taken in here by the lullaby repetitions, the drowsy (wounded) repose that if I’ve seen before it was through a peephole in a museum in Philadelphia, Duchamp’s Étant Donnés. This restrained presentation of provocative material feels completely convincing to me, as does the strange plasticity of the guinea pigs, and the mounting creeping creepy feeling."

This really made me start thinking, not just of Aase Berg's various connection to Duchamp and his erotics, but also to any number of swooning and/or dead female heroines, for example Laura Palmer: the fashion shoot of her body "wrapped in plastic" versus her rabid behavior before death for example and her constant multiplication (in the various rumors and hidden life stories that come out after her death, ending up in that "black lodge" where everybody multiplies at rampant rates). I'm very interested in multiplication as opposed to cause-and-effect, lineage etc.

Also, as I've repeatedly stated on this blog and elsewhwere, I love the 19-th century swoon, the syncope, the blackout.


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