Saturday, January 23, 2010

Katie Toussaint on Dear Ra

This fine review from the Verse Blog. Thanks!]

Dear Ra: A Story in Flinches by Johannes Göransson.
Starcherone Books, $16.

Reviewed by Katie Toussaint

Johannes Göransson’s Dear Ra: A Story in Flinches tears open the epistolary crypt of conscious outpouring belonging to a man who holds modern society in utter contempt. His willing descent into a disordered existence apart from the organized world is carved out in three chapters throughout which he asserts that “[t]his language doesn’t mean anything” to him. With the touch of an ultra-modern Romantic, he warps the conventional presentation of language, spinning the reader into the fast-paced confusion that becomes the cognitive whirlpool.


Blogger John Dermot Woods said...

Nice, J. I think we need to keep up the noise about this book as time goes on.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Johannes said...

I should mention that that's just an excerpt. The review goes on a great, detailed length. So make sure you click the link. I accidentally put "loin" instead of link. Oops.


7:15 AM  

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