Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mia Makila's Meat Spasms

The cover of Maximum Gaga features the work of Swedish phenom, Mia Makila. Her work is also heavily featured in the book trailer:

Maximum Gaga from Josef Horáček on Vimeo.

More of her amazing work can be seen here.

Mia, who makes what she calls “lowbrow and horror art,” is also highly convulsive, lots of slash and splash. I’m drawn to her spastic hand, the hand that compulsively overwrites historical photographs and paintings. The hand that can barely contain the energy of its assaults.

I’d never heard of Lady Gaga when I named my book Maximum Gaga, but the overlap pleases me immensely: the grotesque costumage, the spasms and gender-bending, the acute female violence.

Curiously, HuffPo just included the trailer for Maximum Gaga in its list of "5 Wonderfully Weird Book Videos."


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