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Queer and Gurlesque are not Mutually Exclusive Terms!

Ana is insisting that I think queer and Gurlesque poetics are mutually exclusive terms. I do not. Not at all.

I initially said: "Queer poetics turn away from the pathology of the hetero, and that is a very excellent thing. Gurlesque poetics embrace and interrogate the pathology."

I assume a queer person can perform in either of these modes, Gurlesque or queer, both of which are available to them. The presence of queers and bis in the anthology is evidence of this.

Unlike Ana, perhaps, I do not assume a queer person can only perform in one mode.


Blogger Ana Božičević said...

Lara, see my last comment to you. I was reacting to this statement of yours:

Queer femme poets turn away from the pathology of the hetero. Gurlesque poets embrace the pathology.

Which you share in the comment fields here:

You say 'queer femme poets' here, not 'queer poetics.' This is the source of my, as you say, insistence. I hope I have been constructive, in my other comment, in explaining why I read this as you saying the gurlesque mode was not available to queer femme poets. It certainly sounded like it.

I'm not sure I agree with this definition of queer poetics:
"Queer poetics turn away from the pathology of the hetero." See Amy's examples of queered cock at amyhappens.org :). I might have more to say on that later.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Lara Glenum said...

I think the distinction between "poets" and "poetics" is an absolutely crucial one.

In the comment box, I meant to say poetics, which is what I explicitly said in my initial post. I can see how this threw you.

And yes, this description of queer poetics is very cursory, in the way blog transactions are all too apt to be. I am not seeking to gain control over this term.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Ana Božičević said...

Lara, I really do think the gurlesque has awesome potential. I wouldn't have engaged with it so much over the course of days if I didn't think so. I look forward to see where it goes & to other echoes & splashes the anthology generates.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Lara Glenum said...

Thanks so much, Ana.

8:48 AM  
Blogger et said...

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11:47 AM  
Blogger Phanero Noemikon said...

The only thing interesting about this whole discussion, is the fact that calling

a pathology

is essentially calling life
a sickness

which is
a positive step.


Socrates said as much
on his death bed
when he made a joke
about sacrificing a cock
to asclepius.

Did you know that?
Not many people do.


Why are poets
so embroiled with gender?

Writing as a process,
is a mechanical object.

The only proper thing
for art to be concerned with


segmentarity and thought.

Your bodies
are medical, and medical science
has all kinds of procedures for your bodies if you can afford them.

The body is the exemplum of complexity in this universe.

That is really all that needs to be said.

Otherwise, I mean, it's cute,

do you really want to get that involved with what is essenetially

the delineation of a stylistics.

sylistics are so
temporally circumscribed as to be


that's the simplest way to put.

it makes gender
and the mystery of the body

into something like a

house shoe.

If I can buy a gurlesque
experiment in prose or poetry
or read it, "about it"

it has become

a house-shoe.

People's sexual proclivities
might be a subject for wiriting
at this point,

but why not

just fuck instead.

I am glad you discovered
that life

is a sickness.

That is good.

Now draw a picture of a protein.

This is slightly more difficult.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Max said...

phaneronoemikon -

It sounds like what you're saying is that the gurlesque is just people expressing on paper what they're afraid to do with their own bodies.

What a brilliant possibility!

5:26 PM  
Blogger Kent Johnson said...

That's an interesting comment by Max. Is the "pornographic" aspect of Gurlesque substantively reportage or more like fantasy?

Under a comment below, btw, I ask something about the relationship between Flarf (Nada Gordon specifically) and Gurlesque that I think is interesting in context of "definitions."

6:37 AM  
Blogger Phanero Noemikon said...

Since Kent has weighed in, or is conjoining in the

"way of din"

on the gurlesque.

My antennae have reported back to me:

Lanny, show them.

Gurlesque is of course

Generative, and URL esq(wire).

Have you ever noticed the curious vennisonicism

between girl
and gryll

ala gryllus


where are the bohemian dandy mereologists of any sex, gender,
or imaginal paramoodisolvennseas..

The tender lingering among the give word forms is endearingly


girls as primitive.
humans as primitives.

Why only this morning
I had somehow traveled to a parallel universe

of angels

whose blisscree
was a flow
wherein mind and matter
illustrated synonomi

can you imagine
the imaginal applicative

tender plantean emeralda
you coral of tiny controlled whorls
of anything

it is so wonderful
when the old ones
let us see pictures
of the long lost worlds

there were once cities like coils of dna billions of lightyears long

amorphous liquid sentience attended
that music of architecture

the blood of that old manifold

i have their dreams

i alone have surfed the old eons
of the angels

i alone have seen

the ancient cuttle librarian
with his blood
of data souls

8:42 AM  
Blogger Kent Johnson said...

hey, this last part is fabulous!

>Lanny Quarles wrote:

it is so wonderful
when the old ones
let us see pictures
of the long lost worlds

there were once cities like coils of dna billions of lightyears long

amorphous liquid sentience attended
that music of architecture

the blood of that old manifold

the ancient cuttle librarian
with his blood
of data souls

10:33 AM  
Blogger Phanero Noemikon said...

yes, well, off curse, the boot, oat ship, or shape

the grow-tusque came long before

the grylloosque..

vennous, echolulliua, that combimatrix

Ramtha with monocle

tells of obsidian data shadows furred in surds

turns words like flint columns
in a haze or blur of hands


any kid her hiss its waist in gold

goats sewn

so kiss
the blurney ssss-tone


sac reve orifice

revenant's bliss

or royal blisp

that's sexy
as deformity
the universal kind

R am tha

like Plato's animal growl entoti

Rrrr am ther

or theorium

it is all

within a hole

1:56 PM  

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