Thursday, April 01, 2010

Nancy Spero

[Holy cow, I just got these awesome news this morning from Siglio Press. Nacy Spero is an amazing artist (though for some reason I am incapable of putting one of the web images on this blog). I am going over to this web site to buy my copy right this minute:]


A model of how appropriated words and images from multiple sources can be spliced and shaped into a forceful, coherent statement about the the sexual, social, political, and existential dilemmas and dynamics of the modern world. —ROBERT STORR

On April 30th, Siglio will release Torture of Women, the first book to reproduce acclaimed artist Nancy Spero's influential and epic work in its entirety. Torture of Women is a 125 ft. collage juxtaposing startling imagery drawn from ancient mythology with hand-printed and typewritten words—first person testimony by women culled from Amnesty International reports, news items on women missing or dead, definitions of torture from the 20th and 13th centuries, as well as the retelling of violent Sumerian and Babylonian creation myths. Artistic ingenuity coupled with boldly political intent, Torture of Women is a public cry of outrage as well as a nuanced exploration of the continuum of violence.

Siglio’s publication “translates” Torture of Women into nearly 100 full page color plates so that the entirety of the work—with legible texts and vibrant color reproductions—can be experienced with immediacy and intimacy. The design of this book encourages multiple acts of reading Torture of Women—as an innovative and polyphonous narrative, as a feminist disquisition, as a register of political protest, and as a fierce and enduring work of art.

With texts by Elaine Scarry, Luisa Valenzuela, and Diana Nemiroff
$48 / Cloth / 156 pages / Color / ISBN: 978-0-9799562-2-5

M O R E S I G L I O T I T L E S I N 2 0 1 0
Our digital catalog of 2010 titles is now available! This year bring two more inimitable Siglio titles: S P R A W L, a wondrously inventive and absurdly comic novel by author Danielle Dutton, and Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas by geographer Denis Wood, whose "poetics of cartography" reimagines the way the world may be rendered in a map—and the way a map may illuminate the world. More about both titles in the catalog.


Blogger John B-R said...

Lisa at Siglio will also send you some very cool ephemera with your book ... I have all their publications: Joe Brainard's Nancy Book (if you don't have this I think it fits well with your interests), collages and text by Keith Waldrop (name escapes) ... each comes with great ephemera.

(My Spero is in the mail ...)

6:26 AM  
Blogger Johannes said...

Who are they?

For some reason I'm on their email list but I'm so checked out/busy/spaced that I never took note before.


6:54 AM  
Blogger John Dermot Woods said...

Brainard's Nancy Book is amazing. Bushmiller's Nancy is amazing, for the matter.
Have you read Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden's essay "How to Read Nancy"? It's from 1988. I use it so many classes. Supposedly they are going to do an extended version.
Here it is:

7:25 AM  

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