Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lee Edelman Dream

Last night I had another nerdy dream; this one about Lee Edelman and teaching.

I was late to my poetry class because I suddenly had to give birth to a child. When I explained this to my class, they all groaned and someone said, "We won't be forced to read Lee Edelman's "No Future" again in this class." I couldn't remember what the reading list was for the class, but I said, "What's wrong with that book? I think that book is very intersting." The classmembers didn't agree.

After class I was walking across the mall with one of the students and she complained about the lack of community at this school (which was a kind of amalgamation of Notre Dame and IUSB). She suggested that her project "The Arc" would help bring the students together. We came upon it. It was an old wrecked ship without masts that had been parked in the middle of the school lawn.

I asked her what it was and she said: "Down in the hull, I keep Wittenberg."
"Who is Wittenburg?" I asked.
"He's a famous theoretician, but he was killed in the earthquake in Haiti."

So I walk down into the ship and once inside it's huge - I walk through all of these wooden corridors without windows (actually now that I think about it, evocative of "The Dinosaur Pirates," a book Sinead likes, where the kids open a door at the museum and end up in this ship full of pirate dinosaurs etc).

It seems endless. I walk and walk and I can't find Wittenberg. But I soon realize that the corridors are teeming with cops who are trying to keep the corridors clean. And then I realize that I am a ghost, floating effortlessly through the corridors.


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