Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eva Kristina Olsson

Anselm Hollo once wrote to me that he though Aase Berg was the first Swedish poet "writing in the wake of Björling." I would add to that Eva Kristina Olsson, who was something of a mentor to Berg. She was also at one point friends with Ann Jäderlund (She's older than Aase, more of Jäderlund's generation) but apparently has a somewhat problematic relationship to the Swedish poetry world. While holding my daughter I've been reading Olsson's absolutely brilliant 1988 book "Brottet" (which could be translated either as "the crime" or "the breakage").

Here's a wonderfully Bjorling-like poem in my translation:

just one more time
just one more time
everything for me
and rat

And this:

I am so little
I am so little
in the large horse

With both Aase and Olsson I like the way the way they take a certain erasure-ness from Björling, but instead of the high romantic, nature mystic diction of Bjorling, they have perverse fairy tale vocabulary (and in the case of Aase, also vocabularies from sci-fi, science, B-movies etc, though these may all be considered fairy-tale-like in their own right....)


Blogger Unknown said...

Are there any substantial English translations of Bjorling? I'm so disillusioned with poetry at the moment. Aase, Khlebnikov and Kenneth Fearing are the only poets I've been very interested in as of late.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Johannes said...

Ah, great question. The only translation of Bjorling into English is coming out this spring from Action Books.

And I had one section from Where I Know That You in my Swedish Typo issue.

I've got some other stuff for you as well. Do you have the same email as always?

8:53 AM  

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