Friday, April 13, 2007

Two New Books Definitely Worth Reading

**New Poetry from Green Integer**

Scalapino, Leslie
$17.95 / paper / 205pp.
Green Integer 2007
Poetry. DAY OCEAN STATE OF STARS' NIGHT, a collection of eight years of Leslie Scalapino's poetry, represents one of the most important of her works to date. Alice Notley commented on the long poem, ‘It's go in/quiet illumined grass/land’: "An enlightened work singing of death, physical pain, social fearfulness, and where when or whether one is. The intricate variable stanza, almost danced (like a Greek strophe) sounds one of Scalapino's favorite themes: inside and outside, the cruelty outside and the illumination also there, as in here, in space and in time. The stanza leads one through the space and time of the poem word by word. You can't stop." Robert Crelley has written about Leslie Scalapino's writing: "I hesititate to introduce any such term as ‘meditation’ or ‘reflection’ because this work is not apart from its thinking and/or composition, so to speak, and that, among other things, constitutes its exceptional value. I find the whole work to be a deeply engaging preoccupation with, and articulation of, what life might be said, factually, to be. But not as a defined subject, nor even a defining one- but as one being one. That is an heroic undertaking, or rather, place in which to work/write/live. Its formal authority is as brilliant as any I know."

**New Poetry from Kenning Editions**

Weiner, Hannah
$14.95 / paper / 178pp.
Kenning Editions 2006
Poetry. "HANNAH WEINER'S OPEN HOUSE beckons us into a realm of poetry that bends consciousness in order to open the doors of perception. Weiner is one of the great American linguistic inventors of the last thirty years of the 20th century. She created an alchemical poetry that transforms the materials of everyday life into a dimension beyond sensory perception. The pieces collected here are as much conceptual art as sprung prose, experimental mysticism as social realism, autobiography as egoless alyric. Patrick Durgin has brought together touchstone works, some familiar and some never before published. HANNAH WEINER'S OPEN HOUSE provides the only single volume introduction to the full range of Weiner's vibrant, enthralling, and unique contribution to the poetry of the Americas"—Charles Bernstein.


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