Thursday, July 10, 2008


I briefly wanted to remind people of Ariana Reines's wonderful poetics statement "Sucking" in Action, Yes awhile back.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"To make a book capable of humiliating itself, capable of arousing itself inside its own violence and difficulty, like a Marina Abramovic performance."

"I wanted to write poems that an educated person would feel embarrassed to read, poems that sound like Goth girls with feelings, except for sometimes they are “smarter” than Goth girls with feelings are supposed to be."

"Every time people say something is raw and simple and tells it like it is and gives you the unvarnished truth and everything, people are playing themselves. People want to have an experience of the raw truth, and some things are more intense and greater than others, but nothing is wholly raw, nothing is the plain and pure truth. Style in literature can make itself sound like it is the plain and pure truth and this is because the author wants to clobber you with the authority of the plain and pure truth he or she is emitting. Urgency and sincerity are real. But when people start talking bullshit about “a style stripped of artifice” they are talking bullshit. Style is by definition artificial. Much more importantly, writing’s artificial. Eating and talking and crapping and fucking and dying are natural."


Blogger Max said...

Being "smarter" than a stereotype is totally overrated.

I propose a poetics that earnestly and unironically attempts to both sublimate intellect and foster/instill absolute stupidity in its readership.

Or perhaps this movement is best phrased as a question: Can a piece of art ever be so meta that it is no longer meta?

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