Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blake Butler

Rauan Klasnik has interviewed Blake Butler over at his blog:

Here's a trailer made by Derek White, who is publishing Blake's much anticipated (by me)book Ever:

Blake is also the editor of one of my favorite literary journals, Lamination Colony, which I've written about numerous times on this blog.

He's also writing something obscene with Sean Kilpatrick, another of my favorite contemporary writing people (or aliens).


Blogger brian (baj) salchert said...

Couldn't deal with the video and your link to the interview has a problem, but I went to Google search and got to Klassnik's blog and read the interview. One of Blake Butler's thoughts that stood out for me is: "I think the truth is a product rather than an equation."

Silliman pondered in one of his posts about what comes next. I think what comes next is already here and certain younger writers are those who are creating it.


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