Friday, January 09, 2009

Inger Christensen and Sandy Florian

An Icelandic poet named Eirikur Örn Nordahl, notes in his entry on Inger Christensen's death that her constraint-based writing differs significantly from what we in America might associate with such writing in its lyricism. As I noted in my entry about Christensen's death I first came to her poetry through a reading with her and Jackson MacLow in NYC in 93 or 94. It sounded amazing and just blew me away.

I want to add that the American poet I think resembles Christensen's lyrical constraint-based writing is Sandy Florian. As with Christensen I became a fan of Sandy's work first through hearing her read it, and I immediately thought of Christensen's reading of Alphabet. So anyways, people who like Sandy's work should definitely check out Christensen.

In addition to the lyricism Nordahl notes, I think the similarity has to do with the accumulation-effect.


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