Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best Of

I've seen a lot of "best of 2009" type of lists and largely I don't know the books and there are no arguments that explain why these books are good or, far worse, "important".

Here is my list:

Right now I'm reading one of my all-time favorites, The Duchess of Malfi, in part because I'm teaching it to grad students next semester and in part because it's well probably the best piece of literature ever written.

Last night I read "Mexico" by Gertrude Stein all the way through to my daughter, who seemed to think it was swell because she sang along. It's a very beautiful play.

Another note about "Mexico" - I think it's in this piece more than any other I can see the point of the frequent comparison between Stein and Bjorling.


Blogger Jason, said...

The observations in this Guardian article seem awfully relevant. Just replace the word "music" with "American poetry."

5:20 PM  

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