Friday, April 23, 2010


For some reason I haven't been getting alerts about the comments on this blog. I just found heaps of comments on the "comment moderation" page, so I published some and rejected some (the ones I thought were pointless). I'm sorry it took me so long to publish these comments.

I'm reading the very square sounding "Oxford BOok of Latin American Poetry" (Ed. Cecilia Vicuna). Wow there's a lot of great writing in here.

And I just came from a panel we hosted with Joyelle, Matvei Yankelevich and Sandra Doller on Futurism and contemporary small press publishing and that was really great. They're giving a reading in South Bend tonight.


Blogger R. Sanford said...


Great panel, I'm disappointed I couldn't make it to the reading tonight.

I thought Joyelle's manifesto-ish presentation, especially in regard to the 'mission' of Action Books to be very inspiring--she put into a few words many of my feelings as of late in regards to the poetry 'establishment' (I feel like I should cringe using that word?), the weird state of being put into the box of the perpetual student and never the artist, etc.

Also loved the discussion on the 'uselessness' of art, the value in machines that make nothing, and so on--had just read Oscar Wilde's preface to Dorian Gray for the first time (I know, I know) and all of these ideas are hitting home.

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Blogger Jeremy Stewart said...

(Here's a comment you may wish to delete, but if you don't, I would be grateful. It's a call for a new litmag I'm involved in. I want to post it here because really great writers post, read, and comment on this site! So, if you accept it, I thank you in advance).

Dreamland is a magazine of writing from elsewhere—you can’t quite place it. Dreamland publishes poetry and prose (fictional and otherwise). It is based in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, once the location of the now long-defunct Dreamland Theatre for which the magazine is named.

Dreamland is edited by Jeremy Stewart, Rob Budde, and Carly Stewart.

Dreamland accepts poetry and prose. Send up to six poems or one prose piece (within a limit of 5000 words). Dreamland likes challenging, creative work in any form (or multiple forms); documentation of neglected arts scenes, writers, etc.; things we don’t expect. Dreamland welcomes visual art, but please query first. Be sure to include your name, address, and email address with anything you send to Dreamland. Upon publication, payment will be one copy of the print magazine with additional copies available at an author’s discount. Send your best work to dreamlandeditor at gmail dot com.

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