Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Imperiet, "Århundradets Brott"

This is one of my favorite songs by Imperiet, the band Thåström founded after disbanding Ebba Grön (see "Staten och Kapitalet" below) in the early 80s. The song ("Crime of the Century") is a kind of surreal take on Thåström's time in jail (for refusing the mandatory military service). A lot of the images from that song has stuck with me - the two decapitated are coughing out the dust from a sleepless night for example.

You may not a rather big change from Ebba Grön not just in terms of music (keyboards etc) but also image - Imperiet (which means "The Empire") played around with a lot of cold war imagery, performed songs by Brecht/Weil, perfromed shows in Nicaragua to show support for the Sandinista, were allaround brilliantly/irritatingly pretentious.


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