Thursday, May 10, 2007


I got the most recent issue of Conduit today in the mail. It looks very good: it includes an interview with one of my favorite directors, Guy Maddin; impressive color stills from Viola's "Five Angels for the Millennium" (which I saw in a huge cavernous room somewhere a few years ago, maybe PS 1 or the Walker Art Center or the Whitney); poems by Tomaz Salamun and a host of other writers (Adam "Typo" Clay has a good poem in there).

I have two poems from my collection "Party" which I worked on while in Alabama and which unsteadily devolved into a series of handwritten scribbles. I sent the poems to Conduit a long time ago and I'm a bit surprised to see them again, as I had chucked that project. And I'm surprised at how much I like them. I may go back to that project.

Conduit has been consistently interesting over the years. I was in an issue back in the year 2000 that was one of the best issues I've ever had poems in. There was an interview with the always interesting artist Mike Kelley as well as a poem about Ronald Reagan by Gabe Gooding, and some poems by Mike Savitz, maybe my favorite poet among my classmates at Iowa, and some other things.

But what I really wanted to say was: go to the web site. It's amazing.


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