Friday, June 08, 2007

Lungfull reading

In a perfect world Brendan Lorber* and Stacy Szymaszek**
would never have to read together. Nor for that matter
would they be compelled to write poems at all.
& certainly they would NEVER collaborate
on a piece of great spiritual & somewhat
smutty importance to be laid at your feet.

But this world is far FAR from perfect.

So Lorber & Szymaszek have been summoned to Zinc-TRS
where they shall do the bidding of all
humanity & also will read some new work.

Zinc-TRS Sunday June 10
7:00pm New Poems
90 West Houston NYC
(btw Laguardia & Thompson)

Stacy is about to become the director of the St. Marks Poetry Project
so now's the time for transparent, obsequious gestures like
coming to readings & telling her how smart she is.

Brendan's computer's hard drive just failed so he's compiling
his list of People To Admire all over again -- this is your chance
to get in on the ground floor of his new happy memories.

Jim Berhle, thunderbolt in hand, is your host. has more details, in a manner of speaking.

*pronounced low-bore
**pronounced sizzle-magic


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