Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Translation Titles from Action Books


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two new Action Books, with
a third on the way. These books are full of strange shapes and new
inflections for you to bend your ear and mind around. They are
available at SPDBooks and for a special price at

*You go the words* by Gunnar Björling (1887-1960), translated by
Fredrik Hertzberg: "A milestone in the annals of experimental
poetics."—Marjorie Perloff. "Fredrik Hertzberg's revelatory
translations make palpable the syntactically sprung, emotion-rent
verse of one of the great Scandinavian Modernist poets."—Charles
Bernstein. Explore the linguistically radical work of the poet known
as the "Gertrude Stein of Scandinavia" and "Europe's last Dadaist."

*lip wolf* by Laura Solórzano (b.1961), translated by Jen Hofer: This
linguistically and emotionally charged volume is contemporary Mexican
poet Laura Solórzano's first English-language collection. Jen Hofer's
translation conducts the frisson and friction of the original into
English while tempting us out onto the fitful, outermost limbs of
language. With an introduction by Dolores Dorantes. Of lip wolf,
Monica de La Torre warns: "Readers, beware: You are about to go into
the lion's den."

Coming next month: Anselm Hollo's translation of *The Edge of Europe*
by Finnish Modernist Pennti Saarikoski. Watch this space for more


from *You go the words*:

You go the
and where
were you, it was
I know not and
that to your ear
and with eye
just with finger

from *lip wolf*:

To call you thing, cement, swan cistern ascended to the remains
the grass forges in your phobia, frontal and indifferent,
desolate and subdivided in a certain acidity, I have you
anesthetized, dwelling somnambulist of dryness of severe
insufficiency, filthy and injected.
Your slipping toward form. To call you beautiful thing in the slip-cover.
To call you, tuber tearing the cooked rice to shreds
in the radish of insecure salsa, you tauten,
you twist, you inter cement of cistern of thing
scraping itself pallid and light.


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