Sunday, August 26, 2007


The second issue of Absent is now up. Simon has some interesting, opinionated things to say. Like always, I don't entirely agree with Simon but I like the fact that he's got the guts to state an opinion. I did not have time to write something for this issue, but I will try for the next one.

Here's the announcement:

dear friends of absent -- we are now ONLINE with issue two. Please visit,
read, and spread the word on blogs, over e-mail and banners on aircraft
carriers you may control.

absent magazine * issue two
now online at

featuring poetry by Jasper Bernes, Charles Berstein, Regis Bonvicino, Jack
Boettcher, Tim Botta, Julia Cohen, Shanna Compton, John Cotter, Shafer
Hall, Lisa Jarnot, Pierre Joris, Joan Kane, Noelle Kocot, Jason Labbe,
Kathleen Ossip, The Pines, Matthew Rohrer, Kate Schapira, Mathias Svalina,
Kathryn Tabb, Allison Titus and Betsy Wheeler.

in translation with Sergei Kitov and Octavo Paz.

musical work by Aaron Einbond.

prose by Joe Amato, Peter Ciccariello, Simon DeDeo, Adam Golaski, Kent
Johnson, Amy Newman, Davis Schneiderman and Tyler Williams.

edited by Elisa Gabbert and Simon DeDeo; with great gratitude to Irwin
Chen and his class at Parsons School of Design in New York City.


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