Thursday, August 23, 2007

Inland Empire

It was a bit anti-climactic to finlly get to watch Inland Empire.

Of course it was absolutely brilliant (and corny as always).

But it was as if this was the movie I knew it would be. Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive have both moved toward this film with its loose narrative scheme and musical overall structure.

In many ways it's of course yet another remake of this scene:

But Inland Empire is the "impure" version.

Lars Noren (Revolver, 1969): "Just as there can be/no pure disease/there can be no pure poetry/ we are all troubled by/our America. It exists/within us, like a sore..."

I also watched the extras, which are not all that revealing. But it is interesting just how Wagnerian Lynch is in his concept of art - he wants the music loud.


Blogger Amish Trivedi said...

When I walked out of IE, I totally said it was like the trilogy to LH and MD. I think he's been moving to it.


6:09 PM  

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