Friday, August 03, 2007

Stockholm, Jørgen Leth etc

I'm in Stockholm reading avant-garde writings from the 1950s and 60s at the Royal Library. It's a good time and tomorrow I'm going to walk in Folkpartiet's float in the annual Gay Pride Parade because my one of my oldest friends, Seved, is very gay and very much a member of Folkpartiet (it's a kid of center-right party, Clinton Democrats basically but they are part of the conservative coalition currently in power).

I was reading the latest issue of the Swedish journal Pequod and I came upon a pretty funny poem by Danish film-maker Jørgen Leth (famous for being the somewhat clueless object of fascination in Lars von Trier's "Five Obstructions"):

I Am Good

am good at biking
I have enjoyed success as a bicylist
I have learnt a great deal from biking
I have become better at being a human being
by biking
I have maybe more to learn.



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