Friday, October 03, 2008

Chain links.

This is one of the more interesting projects going around. I had not known the Danes, but I have the book Ida Börjel's pieces are from.

From the SPD Catalog:

Cultural Writing. Translation. BORDERS [CHAINLINKS] is the second volume in a series called Chain Links, a spinoff project of the journal Chain, edited by Jena Osman and Juliana Spahr. The goal of this new series is to produce books that might change people's minds, might agitate for (thought) reform, and might shift perspectives. This project also continues Chain's desire to provide space for work that slips through genre cracks and falls outside of disciplinary boundaries. This particular edition was edited by Susanne Christensen and Audun Lindholm. Christensen, born 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark, is co-editor of the literary review Vagant, co-arranger of the poetry festival Audiatur, previously co-editor of the small press Gasspedal, and critic in the Norwegian daily Klassekampen. Lindholm, Born 1980 in Olso, runs the small press Gasspedal, is chief editor of Vagant, and is co-arranger of Audiatur.