Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rain Taxi


Our benefit auction has returned, and this year it's enormous! Held on eBay, the auction lets you support Rain Taxi while simultaneously getting rare and marvelous stuff for yourself. Most items were donated by authors or publishers to help Rain Taxi stay in gear: You'll find signed first editions, gorgeous broadsides, rare chapbooks, seminal graphic novels, quirky collectible books, handcrafted items, and more! M.T. ANDERSON, John ASHBERY, Paul AUSTER, Charles BERNSTEIN, Robert BLY, Paul BOWLES, Stephen COLBERT, Samuel R. DELANY, Neil GAIMAN, Patricia HAMPL, Richard HELL, Jaime HERNANDEZ, Garrison KEILLOR, Jonathan LETHEM, David MARKSON, Henry MILLER, Rick MOODY, Barack OBAMA, Ron PADGETT, Jerome ROTHENBERG, Joe SACCO, Arthur SZE, Jeff VANDERMEER, Anne WALDMAN, Keith and Rosmarie WALDROP, and Marjorie WELISH are just some of the authors whose works you'll find. To see the full listings, go to our online benefit auction now!



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