Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nypoesi and Soft Targets

There's a new issue of Nypoesi up: http://nypoesi.net/tidsskrift/107/

I have an essay, some selections from Pilot and some translations of Aase in the issue.

It also includes a whole slew of interesting folks, such as Craig Dworkin, Charles Bernstein, Ann Jäderlund, Leevi Lehto, Angela Rawlings, Fredrik Hertzberg (the translator of the Action Books Björling volume) and Heriberto Yepés (whose views are always very interesting to me). Not all of it is in English, but much of it is.

This is really one of the two or three most interesting journals on the Internet. It is also, as you may be able to gleen from the roster above, a truly international journal. By "truly international", I don't the same as all those American journals who claim they are international because they once published a translation, but a journal that is engaged with writers from all over the place.

I'll write more about this later.

I also received my contributor's copy of the new issue of Soft Targets, which is as usual amazing. I can now proudly tell my parents that I've been in the same journal as Chris Marker. It also includes interesting writers like Ariana Reines, Lara Glenum and Lisa Jarnot.

More about this later as well.


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