Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lip wolf reviewed in El Occidental last Friday

Jorge Esquinca reviews Lip Wolf in the newspaper El Occidental (Guadalajara).

(Babel-Fish-translated into English)

The good news in the poetry happen, frequently, unnoticed. Still more if who generates them it prefers to make it from certain healthful distance, without leaving a territory that it has conquered valiantly, in a daily fight with the words hardly. Thus, the three books medulares of Laura Solórzano (Guadalajara, 1961) allow to now glimpse the aloof face of a poet whose trajectory is necessary to read to the margin of the most conventional attitudes, of the approaches immediate to which it is understood by poetry. Wolf of lip (2003), lost Mouth (2005) and a rosal for Mr. K (2005), are three stations that distinguish one of another one by the shades of a voice that unfolds to the hunting of its extreme loudness. As if from the same sound, from the friction between syllables, the incessant golpeteo of the words turned verbal meteors, it was obtained, like possible fruit, a sense: "I am shady, sonorous single in silence. /Mi brain is the zone of a sleepwalker knowledge ", writes Laura Solórzano and inaugurates with it the site where is to take place the event of the poetic word. A total confidence in the action of the language, demands an absolute delivery to the energy that of her emanates, is by that it is a poetry that offers certain resistance to the reader little accustomed. A resistance that made think about the impossibility of its translation. Nevertheless the American publishing house Action Books finishes publishing, in bilingual edition, first of these three titles: Wolf of lip/Lip Wolf (2007) in integral version of Jen Hofer. A work of years, only possible thanks to the imaginística skill of Hofer that knew to find the echoes, to construct of parallel way, to inhabit in its language the place inaugurated by Solórzano for ours: "Ím to shady spot, sonorous solely in silence. /My cerebrum is the zone of to somnambulist cognizance ". That sense of "extrañamiento" translates Hofer causing that she herself indicates in the note that precedes to its version of the book, like a consideration of first importance on the effect that this poetry (and its translation) will have to cause in their possible readers. Nothing in her articulates within a sobrentendido parameter and, nevertheless, everything in her articulates, with a personal rigor: "I give with the mist in the language /para you that your head sings". "I give it to you with fog against your tongue /so your head might hum." An unusual song, without a doubt, made of tension and balance, as it affirms Dolores Dorantes in the prologue of the volume well. Of Laura Solórzano the Secretariat of Culture of Jalisco published the last year a personal anthology: The mirror in the cage that, despite lacking index, legal page and data about the author, offers a sample sucinta of its writing, one of the best news of our poetry in the recent years.


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