Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emily Hunt

I was just reading Emily Hunt re-Hummamenting of Tom Phillips's "Hummament" on Action, Yes. It's really fantastic.

Here's the beginning:

Um Um the following book
is a um um
my my
attempt to poke poke fiction.

I also wanted to call attention to Bruno K Oijer's poems from 1976 and the essay that explains some of his controversialness. Oijer is a hugely important figure in Swedish culture - not so much high culture as popular culture - a kind of Surrealist pop culture icon. His books are bestsellers and his reading tours are like pop music tours. The essay suggests an interesting moment in avant-garde studies: BKO assumed an avant-garde stance and was attacked by another kind of avant-gardists (who at that time was in control of high culture in Sweden): BKO's surreal/Mayakovsky/Beat - influenced poetry vs a collectivist/Marxist/"Sipmlicity". His poetry is deeply visceral and metaphor-proliferating; theirs boring and "factual", distrustful of poetic techniques. He was accused of irresponsibility and Americanism. Allen Ginsberg wrote a poem to him that I'll post if I find it.

Also, Bruno made these translations himself, before going to Nepal (he's become kind of mystical in the latter stages of his career).


Blogger Brian said...

This is great. And strange timing, since I'm teaching A Humument this week in an art/c.w. class (a class, oddly, designed with students like Emily Hunt in mind).

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, fantastic work! Splendid concept.

8:25 PM  

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