Friday, January 29, 2010

Mudluscious Press

I recommend the new anthology from Mudluscious Press gathering all of the chapbooks the press published last year. It's a fantastic anthology. Very exciting stuff.

Among other things, it includes a great piece from Shane Jones called "black kids in lemon trees," which begins:

Looking over the edge of a cloud, I can see two people standing at opposite ends holding a giant banner. The banner reads: ALL YOU COPS ARE IN THE CLOUDS."

Back when my mlp chapbook, In Praise of Virgins, came out some people seemed to have trouble getting hold of it. Well now they can, it's in the anthology.


Blogger R. Sanford said...

Been a fan of MLP for ages. Great little chaps, I don't care how silly it sounds I love them as little art objects.

The Lily Hoang / Ryan Downey MLPs were great.

9:05 AM  

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