Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Narrow House

[I got this email from Johnny Woods. I actually blurbed this book. I'll try to find what I wrote. I deeply recommend this book. I'll try to find some poems to link to online.]


As the economy continues to tank and personal obligations are sucking funds away from Narrow House, Lauren, Jamie, and Justin are pleading you to help us out a bit.
If you are planning on purchasing Adam Robison and Other Poems, Poems by Adam Robinson, we would greatly appreciate it if you pre-ordered it today. We just can't afford to print the book otherwise.

Which really stinks.

We love this book and want to print it before Adam's book tour in March.
Please spread this email far and wide. I know some of you have already preordered and we love you.

Lauren and Jamie and Justin

Pay Pal link to preorder ARAOP:



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