Saturday, January 13, 2007

John Wilkinson

I am surprised that I have seen so little (anything?) written in the blog world about John Wilkinson's last book Lake Shore Drive. It's one of my favorite books I've read in a long time. At a time when so many people are returning to anti-aesthetic simplicity (Juliana Spahr, Anna M etc), Wilkinson engages in this wonderfully poetic language (maybe Keatsian), even as he collages in New Order and various culture industry debris, in powerfully political poems. Buy it at Salt.


Blogger CLAY BANES said...

sadly, spd are no longer getting new salt titles.

which puts them a little less in the world.

thanks for the urging. you've reminded me i'd tried to find this. it's to salt-click, that's it.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Michael Peverett said...

Plus, Salt are notoriously bad at getting out review copies! I suppose they figure that if they leave it long enough I'll give in and buy it myself. This'll probably work.

6:12 AM  

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