Thursday, September 18, 2008


Selzer for Indanapolis Star/WTHR. 9/14-16.

McCain 44
Obama 47

Seriously, if anybody lives in Indiana or another state close-by, please come with me and Joyelle and Sinead to knock on doors on Saturday. If Obama wins Indiana, he'll win the election. (Assuming he keeps Michigan)

However, McCain is just pouring money into Minnesota, and he's closed the gap there.

Of course Minnesota has pretty much never gone Republican. It voted for both Mondale and Dukakis.


Blogger Amish Trivedi said...

I'm pretty sure the only reason Norm Coleman has a job is because he's a former hippie.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Max said...

I don't think McCain will win Minnesota no matter how much money he dumps into the race there. His climb in the Minnesota polls is, I think, mostly due to a convention bump, more conservatives being temporarily mobilized there. Al Franken, who doesn't even seem to be a serious candidate, is giving Coleman a run for his money at the moment.

It would be really great if Obama could sneak a couple states out from under McCain. I'm thinking of Indiana and Virginia in particular. My only worry is that McCain might do the same, thereby nullifying the benefits. But if Obama won with 300+ electoral votes, I would be ecstatic. We really need to pull this off convincingly and break the electoral deadlock we've had for the past 2 elections.

5:41 PM  
Blogger tmorange said...

we in the rest of the country are pretty excited about those 500,000 indiana voters newly registered since january and hope the polling stations aren't too disorderly!

tom orange

8:55 PM  
Blogger steve said...

Lisa of Eudaemonia, who's been lurking over here, suggested I visit your blog. I'm in the process of moving from Indiana to Illinois (which seems inevitable unless one of the South Bend Amtrak ticket agents retires soon), but I'll be voting for Obama in Elkhart and hope it gets counted (though it's still likely that my electoral votes will go to McCain.

With my job and living situation, I don't have time to volunteer for the campaign. My wife got a call from the Jill Long Thompson people and she agreed to come in last Wednesday to the Elkhart Democratic headquarters. When she got there, she learned that Long Thompson had let go all her Elkhart staff and that they didn't have anything for her to do (except phone work, which she's too shy to do).

Mitch Daniels, who seems to have an unlimited amount of money, seems to be promoting himself as the new Messiah. (Even John McCain won't go that far--he's portraying himself as the new Augustus.

Anyway, if Indiana should go for Obama, it will be due to the first-time voters like my son.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Johannes said...


The Thompson campaign apparently has zero money.

Apparently there are tons of lawyers ready to help people vote across Indiana. Of course, The Colorado and Michigan governors are trying to un-register some 1/5th of registered voters.


9:56 AM  

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